Friday, July 5, 2013

What is InstaGC, Exactly?

You have probably noticed that I endorse InstaGC by the links on my site, but I have yet to explain why.  I only endorse websites that I use regularly and with a great level of success.  InstaGC certainly falls in this category!

On InstaGC, a user can do a number of different tasks to earn points.  The points can be redeemed for gift cards that are received instantly at a rate of 100 points to one dollar.  Points can also be cashed out for a check in the mail.  You can begin cashing out at just $1.

To earn points, a user can select from watching short videos, visiting PTC websites, doing surveys, and downloading software.  There are also tasks like those found on Mechanical Turk (more on MT to come in a future post).  Points can also be earned through shopping and trial offers, but the majority of offers are free.

This site also offers a chat room.  This is a very quick way to get help when you need it.  I believe the chat and the level of service maintained by this site is what keeps me coming back everyday.

But now down to the good stuff.  Can someone really make money here?  The answer is absolutely yes.  There is a wide variety of tasks to do, so there is something for everyone.  If you are looking to quit your day job though, this site is not going to be your answer.  With a moderate amount of work, you can expect to earn extra spending money every month.  For me, it is realistic to earn $100 to $200 a month.

Summing it Up

Where do I sign up?

Create your free InstaGC account here

Is it a Scam?

No, I cashout gift cards here every month.

Who can make money with it?

This site is for anyone with some spare time who wants to make a couple of extra dollars.

My current status with this site

I use this site daily.  Find me in chat under the username "pancreaspants"

You will succeed on this site with reasonable expectations and some patience.
*If you're doing the download offers, read the Sandboxie guide; you'll be glad you did!